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Saekano 50cm Anime sex doll, Utaha Kasumigaoka Bunny girl 1/4 Scale cast off figure
50cm Saekano bunny sex doll utaha kasumigaoka cast off 1/4 scale figure, with huge breasts and slim long legs
Utaha Kasumigaoka Bunny Sex Doll with introduction of how to raise a boring girlfriend series
Dimension of Saekano sex doll bunny girl Utaha Kasumigaoka 1/4 scale figure

Utaha Kasumigaoka 1/4 Scale Bunny Girl Figure, Saekano 50cm Anime Sex Doll

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Bunny Girl Mini Sex Doll - Utaha Kasumigaoka

Elegant slim-figured senpai,
Utaha Kasumigaoka,

serious but a little malicious,
elegant yet erotic,
respected by Blessing Software,
fantasized by Saekano fans.
And finally...

she becomes your own mini sex doll!

Mensuration of Utaha Kasumigaoka

Height Weight Vagina Depth
45cm (17.7") 2kg (4.41lbs) 13cm(5.2")
Bust Waist Hip
27cm (10.7") 16cm (6.3") 27cm(10.7")

  • Cast Off Figure - Like a barbie girl, undress her everywhere! Of course, put on some nice suit on her is also recommanded
  • Sex Doll - her Tight Vagina is welcome to every gentleman
  • Soft Skin - made by high quality silicone
  • Boobs and Legs - Tits and Feet Lovers, a Satisfaction for all Fetish Tasts
  • Movable Joints - Available in every posture! And every sex position, of course
  • Clothes - High Heels, white and black legwears, Bunny Girl costume
Saekano bunny girl cast off figure Utaha Kasumigaoka
Saekano bunny girl figure Utaha Kasumigaoka closed view
Saekano sex doll Utaha Kasumigaoka bunny girl figure naked and hugging the viewer
Saekano bunny girl figure Utaha Kasumigaoka showing her ass
Saekano bunny girl cast off figure sex doll Utaha Kasumigaoka naked lying in the bed

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