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Sexy anime onahole doll dragon ling looking at the mirror
anime dragon girl onahole doll, sexy fleshlight Ling sitting on the mirror with flowers
Hentai Onahole Doll, Anime Fleshlight Dragon Ling under the moon
Mizu No Ryuurei (Ling) -  Portable Hentai Sex Doll
dimension report of anime fleshlight onahole doll dragon ling

Mizu No Ryuurei (Ling) - Portable Hentai Sex Doll

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Packaging of portable dragon girl sex doll Ling
Ready for the Best Waifu in world?

Born in the far-west kingdom,
an elegant but stoic young dragon girl, Ling
is now descending on human land...

Will you seduce her heart tonight?

  • PORTABLE size - Fulfill your fantasies with this tiny but gorgeous sex doll (dimension 8" x 8")
  • STRONG ELASTIC vaginal wall - An EXTRAORDINARY sexual satisfaction with her tight pussy! (5.6" long tunnel)
  • Made by PLATINUM Silicone - eco-friendly material
    LONG Longevity (5-8 years) - she'll be your sinsere and eternal waifu

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