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[Scientifically Proven] Why you SHOULD try ANAL SEX?

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Anal intercourse is a tantalizing sex fantasy for many men, and even some women find it equally thrilling. Yet, despite its appeal, anal penetration remains TABOO for the majority of heteros and even some homos couples.

Many of us associate anal penetration with pain, violence, humiliation, and the worst, illness.But with preparation and communication, anal play can be a pleasurableexperience. Although anus is not a part of genitalia, it offers a unique and exciting way to explore our bodies,connecting us in ways that traditional sex can't.

Now with the developpement of science, I am sure that with the followering scientific facts, you will become eager to Anal Sex!


We often perceive that, anal intercourse is a sexual practice considerably dirty. However, this is absolutely not the case since the rectum is completely devoid of fecals, if you are not about to poop. That is why overly regular enemas are not recommended by doctors because they can unbalance the rectal and intestinal ecosystem in place.

A heart form butt plug is like a chess game, no?



    Yep, contrary to common belief, anus is extremely sensitive to sexual tease, for both men and women, because it is particularly innervated, the only difference with the vagina is that the anus does not have a lubrication system.



    This region has an amazing peculiarity which is unknown among the general population: it can expand!

    Thanks to the two sphincters that compose anus, these very powerfulmuscle structures are extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation and will undergo anatomical changes when they are aroused. This natural and reversible process allows penetration of objects (and also anal orgasm).



    Guess what, if you suffer from intestinal problems(like stomach aches), stress or chronic constipation, we have a miracle remedy for you: ANAL INTERCOURSE!

    Shocking but true, anal intercourse would effectively improve the quality of your intestinal transit, and for those who suffer from stomach and intestinal pain, an anal intercourse would reduce nervous tension and weight on the tissues, according to the results of a study carried out by scientists at the University of Munich.

    Dr. Engel, who carried out the study, concludes that practice at least 15 intercourses per month(lasting a few minutes each time), would have enough stimulation to the muscles of the colon.


    2 minutes of anal intercourse would be as effective as 15 minutes of jogging. Howis that possible?

    Well, according to a study of Stockholm University,thanks to the movements and contractions our body undergoes,analintercourse has the same effects as jogging or swimming, where the muscles of our abdominal strap strengthen and automatically promote intestinal transit.


    To be clear: Regularity is Key. Just as you can't reach Rome in a day(unless you live in Rome), it is important to be mindful of Consistency!

    Start by trying to wear an anal plug before going to bed,then attempt to leave it in all night, continue your progress untilyou can wear it throughout the day.

    And most importantly, pay attention to the SIZE of your analplug!
    It's crucial to start with a relatively small plug, much smaller than you may see on social medias (or in some porns). Although I've told you that the anus can naturally expand, you certainly don't want totear your sensitive tissues, no?

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