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Anime Sex Dolls - Little Waifus for Anime Fans in Real Life

Nous on fait l'amour, on vit la vie, jour après jour, nuit après nuit
Les Rois Du Monde

Anime is life, and life is composed of love, faith and sex, so we got hentai, a genre of anime that fulfills our sexual fantasies. But what if I told you, that anime is your life? And so we got anime sex dolls, your waifus in real life! Boa Hancock, Lucy Heartfilla, Erza, Nami, Tifa, Rem, 2B in Nier and so many others, let's get into this.

Anime Sex Dolls, Little Lovers for Anime Fans ... and for Everyone

Anime is a world of fantasies, an eldorado for imaginations, and ... a paradise for fetishism. You may have heard the terms like "waifu", "tsundere", "loli", or for those who are well-educated, "ecchi", "hentai", "ahegao", "bukkake" etc, the anime industry nowadays has become a mega factory of characters, that everyone (men or women) can find their lovers in it (even their first crush!).

65cm anime sex dolls Ganyu lying on the table, with an ahegao facial expression, she is a character from Genshin Impact and turned in to 1/3 scale hentai figure
Ahegao Ganyu Action Figure

Just be honest: who doesn't want to see their favourite anime waifu girls standing in front of them, talking about their aventures and spending an intimate, romantic night together?

Should I call them Anime Sex Dolls, or Hentai Sex Dolls?

As you might be thinking, both "anime sex doll" and "hentai sex doll" point to the same genre of sex dolls: a perfect female body, with an anime girl's face. It's as simple as it appears to be, but the thing is: in which size? and who is the character?

Mini 68cm petite realistic sex doll Emily naked in wariza position
Cute Loli Anime Sex Doll

You can easily find out some Tifa sex dolls on the Internet, about 5ft7 tall and will cost you an arm and a leg. You will also find out a Rem sex doll, in a size of an onahole and not so expensive. But for the majority of your anime waifus, a sex doll version is a luxury for the minority!

Tifa 168cm Sex Doll from Final Fantasy and Rem 20cm Sex Doll from Re:Zero
Tifa and Rem Sex Dolls

Mini Anime Sex Doll, an Action Figure with Vagina

Between human size and fleshlight size sex dolls, there's an intermediate zone: Action Figure size sex dolls (Yes, they really exist on the planet). No need to beat around the bush, here's some famous exemples of figure sex dolls:

Pure White Elf 1/6 scale action figure and corresponding 1/3 scale sex doll
Pure White Elf action figure(left) and sex doll(right)
Boa Hancock 1/6 scale action figure and her corresponding 1/3 scale sex doll
Boa Hancock action figure(left) and sex doll(right)

(I have purposely put the original figure and the sex doll together, so that you can easily compare the two.)

The cost of these lovely mini sex dolls becomes much of affordable, easy to stock and maintain, but the most important thing is, you will probably find your waifu sex dolls among them!

Custom Anime Sex Dolls, a Long Way to Go

Life is not easy, it's hard to find an anime sex dolls that fit absolutely (or almost) your expectations. The manufactors we know are mostly fabricating well-selling love dolls like torso, onaholes or famous brand like Mozu dolls. A great way to get your favourite dolls is send us a private message about your wish, so that we can transfer your message to the manufacters, they will certainely pick up those beloved by everyone to make them into sex dolls.

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