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Realistic Mini Sex Doll Miyuki vs Genshin Impact Sex Doll

Review Video of 70cm Mini Sex Doll Miyuki

Miyuki, a Japanese girl who is much smaller than a human-being (70cm or 27.6 inches), we call her a mini sex doll in general, but actually she's more like a figurine, not a typical anime figure, but with a more "asian" face.

Here we introduce our first testimonial of mini sex dolls, in this article, we will explore this tiny asian sex doll and show you whether it's trustworthy to have one.

Review on Japanese Mini Sex Doll Miyuki

Before we begin, I would like to tell you the singular background behind Miyuki.

Unlike most of the sex dolls you could find in the global market, Miyuki comes from a small atelier called Hiautiau[1] (暁鳥, litterally means "Morning Bird" in Hakka), managed by an artisan in his 40s. For years, he has developped his own style of sex dolls, by using almost uniquely silicone to create the dolls, and that makes the dolls hard like a human's skin.

Disliking the slightest flaws, he refuses to use the wigs or the replacement of hands and feet, all the dolls he makes are implanted their own hair, and he addes the veins, the ruddy coloring on the skin that makes the dolls look more realistic and natural.

Disappointment for anime fans, all his sex dolls are proportionally compatible to the human body, which makes the dolls more like a human-being in small version, rather than an anime girl with a giant head (no I am not joking on anime girls).

Well it sounds really cool, but what is it really about? And that's what we gonna show you in the next segments.

A Package with Strong Protection

The package is separated by two parts: the doll and her accesossires, and two plastic layers of the shape of the doll. They probably use a certain chemical reaction that fills the space between the doll and the package, so we can tell that the doll is properly protected like an artistic work.

The Making of the Protective Layer

A Body that Resembles to Human-Being

To be honest, there's few sex dolls would look like this: body shape with a perfect human's proportion, even though she's 70cm tall! Just take a look of her head and breasts shape, you will find that she's proportionally compatible to a realistic teen girl, not a girl you can find in anime.

Miyuki has a wonderful body proportion, resembling to a human-being's body shape.

What's more, you can see her "veins", her yummy ruddy soles, her lovely mons Venus (the fatty tissue around her pubic bone) and her pink labia! It's almost a replica of a real-life girl. Well her body looks so delicious that even a real girl can hardly beat her.

Well-crafted labia and hands, you can almost see some "veins" on her hands.
Her lovely ruddy feet! Just look at that shape, you can hardly tell that it's a sex doll's foot!
Gorgeous Labia
Her normal size tits, a normal human girl may have breasts like these, you can also see some "veins" on the skin.

But the con part is, they craft her anus but it's not insertable (They have fixed this issue for the dolls taller than 70cm), so bad luck for butt lovers.

Even though Miyuki has delicious butt, she has only one vagina, which means that you can't do anus stuff.

Another problem is, the vagina depth. The appearance of her labia may turn you on instantly, but the depth is probably not enough to satisfy those who like to go deeper! Apparently, she can eat up my entire middle finger, but that's almost all of it, no much place for the rest! But the pro part is, she can hardly allow my finger to move in, that means it's really tight in it!

Miyuki's vagina would be very tight for most of us, she can hardly allow my finger to get in!

We didn't record the articulation test, but it's believed to be the best part and... the worst part. According to Hiautiau himself, he has invented the skeleton all by himself, makes the dolls capable to do anything with the articulation. But what we found is, you need to put some strength to move the articulated part like arms, legs and shoulders, just imagine that you are fucking, suddenly you want to change the position and then, it turns out to be a workout (I exaggerate a little). It maybe be fun for some, but not sure for the others.

Conclusion of Our Review

What we can tell is that Miyuki has:

  • Good body proportion - an almost replica of real-life girls, her head fits well her body, her breasts is normal size instead of some busty tits.
  • Wonderful details - you can see her "veins", realistic ruddy feet (I emphasize this part because most of sex dolls don't have nice feet), well-drawn fingers and toes, beautiful labia and anus shape, pale skin with realistic wrinkles (yes, human-being does have wrinkles).
  • Tight but short vagina - she can hardly let my finger in, but the vagina depth is not enough long for those who want to go deeper.
  • Ariticulation a little bit rigid - you need more strength to move her, unlike anime figures.
  • No anus - R.I.P. for butt fantasy.

Differences between Miyuki and Figure Sex Dolls

So far, we have just talked about Miyuki from Hiautiau atelier, although it's the aim of this article, but we would like to compare this new sex doll to our famous figure sex dolls:

Figure Sex Dolls Feel Smoother, Miyuki Has Softer Tits

Perhaps the crafter has put all his energy in the creation of body, Miyuki's skin feels a little bit dull compared to our figure sex dolls, but we need to mention that Miyuki's breasts are much softer than figure dolls,  and it's actually the case for human-beings.

Miyuki Has Realistic Vagina, Figure Sex Dolls Have Fantastic Body Shape

Many guys love beautiful realistic labia, and so has Miyuki! Almost no one can beat her on this point, although figure sex dolls have rather a seductive labia shape, but it's not as realistic as Miyuki's.

Ganyu doll's vagina may look more "artificial", but she has busty tits and slim waist, and also her skin is much smoother than Miyuki's.

But talking about the body shape, Miyuki's more like a realistic girl while figure sex dolls can give you more fantasies like huge breasts and chubby butt.

Asian Face vs Anime Face

It's a matter of tast, Miyuki has a typical asian girl's face, while figure sex dolls have anime girl face. And also a remarkable detail, Miyuki has implanted hair, while figure sex dolls have PVC head, and this little difference will certainly divide many guys in different teams.

Which one is better? Asian sex doll Miyuki or Ahegao sex doll Paimon?

Miyuki Has Realistic Skin, Figure Sex Dolls Have Better Articulation

Let's say, Miyuki's skin is almost like a real human-being's, you can find many details on her body that will certainly turn you on. Although figure sex dolls also have beautiful skin, but they are certainly not as realistic as Miyuki's (well it's not the aim of the anime figures though).

But talking about the articulation, figure sex dolls has more talent on it: you can easily move their arms, their legs, their back and even their fingers and toes are movable (not for Ganyu and Paimon, not for the moment).


For short: Miyuki is for those who love the realistic girls, while figure sex dolls are for those who love girls in fairy tales. We'd love to expand our comparison to many other mini sex dolls in the futur, but it's all up to you to choose your favourite one.

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