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Bringing a Sex Toys On a First Date

First date. Just the words alone are enough to finish fear in the hearts of even avid daters. Why? Because dating is not always easy!

Making conversations with a stranger, sharing object about yourself, and listening to object the other is saying can be daunting. Hell, in some time, it can be a disaster.

But if you’re a positive person when it comes to dating, then it’s important to go into that date complete prepared. Not just mentally, emotionally and physically, by being 'dressed to the nines', but with a little something’ else too: A Sex Toys. (In fact, the Kemelia would be a perfect option for such an event.) Will first date you go on result in the Sex Toys being used at the end of the night with a new partner? No. But that also doesn’t mean it won’t be used at the end of first date by someone.

1.    You never know where the night will take you.

It could be a horrible date with a person whom you never want to see again, or it could be joyable instead. The body could be on fire, the laughter could be non-stop, and there might even be that time where you look at each other and agree to go some private place for more pleasurement. If the latter happens to be the situation, you want a sex toy with you as well as condoms and possibly lube too. Too much wine at dinner, no matter how aroused you are, can make your natural lubrication a little low to the party and definitely less in quantity, so lube always comes in handy.

2.    The first time can be Bad.

A friend once told me that every first time she had sex with a new guy, it was bad, until she started bringing a Sex Toys with her. As she explained, it wasn’t just a big icebreaker whenever she pulled it from her bag, but offered a sense of relief to both. Although we’ve all heard stories about how the first time a couple had sexed it was fantastic, it’s safe to assume these people are either complete and utter anomalies, or maybe they have no idea what fantastic sex is. Great sex comes with time and getting to know another person’s body; understand what works and doesn’t work for them. In having a Sex Toys as part of the equation the first time around, you get to have that conversation earlier than some couples. It’s also a sure thing that the person with the sex toys will orgasm helping too close that damn orgasm gap and the person without that is can feel less pressure because, let’s be honest, sex toys are basically a helping thing. We can all use a helping thing.

3.    It’s empowering.

Women have not only fought to be seen as equal to men but, in some cases, to actually be seen as human with gasp and sexual desires. our time has finally come regarding female sexuality. While there will always be those who grip at their pearls at the thought of a woman not just getting herself off, but even knowing how to get herself off, those people don’t matter. To know what you need and what you don’t need is a testament to owning your sexuality and something everyone, no matter how they identify, should embrace.

4.    It shows pleasure.

you don’t need to be a naked on some island somewhere, to realize that pleasure is a very important part of human body. Not just sexual pleasure, but all pleasure. People who value pleasure tend to be generous when it comes to share that pleasure. What that means is if you bring a Sex Toys to a first date, by night’s end, you’ll both have enjoy from using it in more ways than one.

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